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Roei Greenberg is a London based, Israeli artist.  


His photographic practice is concerned with landscape as a complex intersection between culture, geography and autobiography. The effects of human activity on land, political borders and ecology are amongst the issues investigated in his work. His use of large format camera and film creates a multi-layered photographic perspective; pictorial and alluring yet seeking to disrupt traditional modes of landscape representation. 


He grew up on a Kibbutz, located on the northern Israeli border with Lebanon and moved to Tel Aviv in 2009, where he completed a BA Photography in 2013. After years of investigating the Israeli landscape, He moved to the UK in 2018 and in his search for a new subject matter, found himself once again drawn to questions of land and power, belonging and legitimacy. 


Greenberg’s work has received vast recognition and exposure, showing in museums and galleries such as: Aperture Gallery, South London Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery, The Benaki Museum, the Israel Museum and Webber Gallery, to name a few. His work was nominated and awarded repeatedly over the past years. He was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2019, and his recent body of work entitled English Encounters, was selected by Professor Andreas Gursky, when invited to curate his selection from the RCA 2020 graduates. 


Greenberg was invited by The National Gallery, London to contribute to an event celebrating Constable's work. Most recently; he is the winner of the Camera Clara Photo Award.

“Greenberg has developed a very idiosyncratic visual language in his work. The landscapes are seductive and almost hypnotizing, drawing the viewer under their spell. But the appearance is too good to be true, because one does not trust the conjured harmony and an irony breaks its way in, which reveals the complexity of these pictures."  (Andreas Gursky)

2018 – 2020 MA, Fine Art, Photography, Royal College of Art, London

2009 – 2013 BA, Fine Art, Photography, Minshar, Tel Aviv




2021 – Prix Camera Clara, winner, Paris

2020 - Human Rights Photography Prize, nominated, Geneva

2020 - The Genesis Postgraduate Bursary Award, finalist, London

2019 - Bloomberg New Contemporaries, selected artist, London

2019 - Voies Off Awards, finalist, Arles, France

2018 - Discovery Award, finalist, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal

2018 - Prix Levallois, finalist, Galerie L’Escale, Levallois, France

2018 - GrandPrix Fotofestiwal, finalist, Lodz, Poland

2017 - Critical Mass, top 50, Portland, Oregon

2017 - Local Testimony, winner ‘Photographed Story’, Tel Aviv

2017 - Meitar Photography Award, finalist, Photo IS:RAEL, Tel Aviv

2017 - Magnum Photography Awards, finalist, The Photographers Gallery, London

2014 - Sony World Photography Awards, winner, Landscape, London



Selected Exhibitions 

2023 – Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London (UK)

2023 – ‘Sublime Synthesis’ - Xenia A.I.R exhibition Curated by Fergus Wiltshire, Upton Grey (UK)

2023 – Photo Basel with Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Basel (Switzerland)

2022 – English Encounters at Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Paris (France) 

2022 – Inbetweeners, Mémoire de l'Avenir, Paris (France)

2021 – 2X3, Ahad Ha'Am 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv (Israel) 

2021 – Galerie Nová síň, Prague, (Czech Republic) 

2021 – Best of PhEST, Monopoli (Italy)

2021 – The Art Vault New Futures: RCA Focus, Kovet.Art (digital) 

2021 – Evolution Revolution - Art and Public Value, Tsinghua University in Beijing (China) 

2020 – London Grads Now, Saatchi Gallery, London (UK) 

2020 – Boundaries, poetics of conflict, Ladislav Sutnar Gallery, Pilsen, (Czech Republic) 

2020 – Chlorophilia, A.P.T Gallery, London (UK) 

2020 – English Encounters, Fordham University Gallery, NYC (Online) 

2020 – "with fists, it kicks, it bites", Webber Gallery, London (UK) 

2020 – Final Not Over, Unit 1 Gallery, London (UK) 

2020 – RCA2020 (online) 

2020 – IPE162, Royal Photographic Society House, Bristol (UK) 

2019 – Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Leeds Art Gallery // South London Gallery (UK) 

2019 – PhEST International Photography Festival, Monopoli (Italy) 

2019 – Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Marrakech (Morocco) 

2019 – Addis FotoFest, Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia) 

2018 – The Way We Live Now, Aperture Gallery, New York (USA) 

2018 – Encontros da Imagem, Braga (Portugal) 

2018 – Fotofestiwal, Lodz (Poland) 

2018 – ONE Gallery, Critical Mass, Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) 

2017 – Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum (Greece) 

2017 – Location, Location, Location, Ildiko Butler Gallery, New York (USA) 

2017 – Local Testimony, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (Israel) 2017 – Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv (Israel)

Selected Publications


- The Art Newspaper 2/2022

- 9 Lives Magazine 2022 (online)

- UNBLIND - five-year anniversary of the Human Rights Photography Prize. Co edited with Geneva Center of Photography 2022


- ABRIDGED Online Magazine (Bad Dreams) 2021 

- URBANAUTICA Journal of Visual Anthropology and Cultural Landscapes 2021

- Uncanny Landscapes - An interview by Justin Hopper 2020


- Inside the Outside (online) 2020

- ARTS THREAD - Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019

- Evening Standard - "Bloomberg New Contemporaries review: Buzzing with fresh energy" (South London Gallery)

- The Guardian - Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 review – "a vintage year for emerging artists" (South London Gallery)

- The Guardian - Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 review – "Britain's young visionaries bite back" (Leeds Art Gallery)

-, Oct 2019, Director Kirsty Ogg explores this year’s New Contemporaries talents

- Phest 2019, "See beyond the See" 

- Harper’s Magazine (November 2018 issue)

-, July 2017 - The Way We Live Now Artists 

- Curious Photo Blog, April 2018 (Pictura Gallery) 

-, May 2018 - Interview prior to the Exhibition "Nof" at Camden Market

- Fordham Nesw, Sep 2017 - "Location Location Location"

- - Along The Break, 2017

-, May 2017 Interview with Irith Gubi

- - Along The Break (2017)

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