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​*** Right to Roam Journal now available ***

Happy to be amongst the contributors - A beautiful publication, Highly recommended!! 

"Not only is this journal a discussion on the issues of the right to roam, it is also a measure of the strength of feeling and passion it arouses. Perhaps the most profound reflection we made as we looked through everyone’s work entered in the open call for content that led to this journal was a shared sense of common purpose. With over one thousand images and in excess of thirty thousand words entered it is clearly not a chip on the shoulder of a small minority, but something more profound, deeper, necessary for so many. The rights of some are taking away the rights of others. That is surely neither a healthy nor sustainable model for society.

This journal is our selection of the works submitted that we believe go a long way to representing the issues we’re addressing."


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The Department of Visual Arts at Fordham University is pleased to present the Fordham Galleries Online third installment, Roei Greenberg: English Encounters. Every other week the gallery features a body of work by a contemporary artist, alternating with our Adjunct Faculty Spotlight Series, in which our talented adjuncts share samplings of their production with the Fordham community.


18 August 2020 to 22 August 2020 ll 11am-6pm 

with fists, it kicks it bites! (Virtual Tour Available here)

The exhibition by the 2020 graduating students of the RCA MA Photography, will be divided across the physical gallery spaces of Edel Assanti, TJ Boulting and Webber Gallery, as well as the beautiful and historical location of The Fitzrovia Chapel.

Showing new work at Webber Gallery: 18 Newman St, London W1T 1PE.    🔥🔥🔥  

16 July 2020 to 31 July 2020 (Public)


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U1GW - Final, not Over Session 3 - Final



Sunday 19th July -  11:00 GMT

As part of RCA 2020, there’s a series of artist talks organised by MA Photography @rca_ma_photography. I’ll be in conversation, on the 19th July at 11am, with Kate Bret-Day and Alexander Mourant. We’re delighted to have our talk chaired by Julia Crabtree.


Press here for the recording!

Through this conversation, Katie Bret-Day, Roei Greenberg and Alexander Mourant, will traverse the nature of borders, and their relationship towards literal and metaphysical boundaries. They will consider the role of public and private spaces, ownership and territories, within the work of Greenberg; submit to a dissolution of the distinct, and question the nature of the liminal through Mourant; and expand out, to embrace a sense of cosmic interconnectedness, based on the contingent realities, and layers, proposed by Bret-Day. Together, they intend to shift registers, and in doing so, seek to grasp how internal and external landscapes are formed.